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Highgate International School


After School Activities

After School Activities

At Highgate International school  we encourage our students to be a step ahead of the rest, which is why the ASA activities play an important role in their overall development. Under ASA, we offer a safe environment and a rewarding experience for students to learn a new skill.

Various sports and leisure activities are conducted for their benefit. These include classes teaching sports like gymnastics, tennis, karate, cricket, swimming, basketball and football; leisure activities like dance, ballet, art and music; academic workshops like robotics for primary students.

These programmes are managed by various industry experts and qualified teachers, in which students have the option of staying back after school hours to participate.


At Highgate International School, Dubai, we emphasise on providing holistic education, which means extra-curricular activities form a crucial part of students’ overall development.

While co-curricular activities are a part of the curriculum, we organise several After-School Activities for Kindergarten and Primary School students to participate in with an overall objective to hone their skills.



1 pm – 2 pm


3.00 pm – 4.00 pm