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Highgate International School



What is CBSE?

An Education for Life !

We follow unique curriculum derived by  CBSE and National Education Policy 2020 Guidelines  which is recognised worldwide for its high standards and outcomes. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education is a national-level Indian curriculum offered to private and public schools across the world. HIGHGATE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  offers a conducive learning environment with its modern facilities and high-quality education system. The school aims at the overall development of the students through its well-structured award-winning educational approaches.

  • The curriculum envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. 
  • The Curriculum is committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners. 
  • The curriculum supports the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of learners. 
  • Curriculum delivery meets the requirements of teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies and UAE history.  
  • Its recognition allows for transferability and access to universities and colleges around the world. Our students will have the opportunity to be accepted into prestigious universities and colleges across the world

Our Admission Process

admission process