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Highgate International School


Middle School

Middle School

At this stage the curriculum mainly focuses on self-directed and collaborative learning. Students are encouraged to be self-motivated and confident in their Endeavour through Experimental, Co-operative and Participatory Learning . It supports the physical, intellectual and social development of students adding on the 21st century learning, literacy and life skills.


Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a dynamic curriculum that delivers skill-based education providing a powerful platform for future education of students.

Students at our school can explore excellent opportunities in secondary school through modern educational tools and can build their academic prowess under the expert guidance of our teachers.

An interactive and holistic learning process is imparted to students with theme based activities and events apart from academics. The well-structured competitive CBSE curriculum gives students immense opportunities to explore new subjects that makes them more confident and independent to face the challenges of the future. Students can excel across all academic rigours with the involvement of qualified faculty and can balance their skills, knowledge and personality equally

Why Choose CBSE at Highgate

A Holistic Educational Framework

Integrated with innovative teaching methodologies to develop the skills, values and boost the learning experience of students with modern age teaching techniques. This popular pedagogy concentrates in the development and excellence of the nine areas of Academics, Sports, Innovation, Leadership, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Community Connect and Universal values. Students receiving this holistic education develop extraordinary skills like creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities and improve physical and emotional fitness.

Bridge Programme

As the secondary school admissions are open throughout the year we ensure that students joining in the middle of the year are well-trained to have a smooth and phenomenal learning experience. ‍ Our unique and well-designed Bridge Programme gives a boost to the new joinees to catch up with their peers in academics and other learning processes. Trained by our proficient teachers to adjust to the new environment with complete support by project notes, extra hours of coaching and offline support as and when required. Students are positively encouraged to make new friends and be aligned with the new ambience.

NextGen Learning

We understand the current requirements of the NextGen students and facilitate them with the best of amenities like ultra-modern SMART campus and digital tools. Students are enabled with smart boards, wifi connection, latest devices for school use, age-appropriate learning platforms, and dedicated spaces for collaborative work. ‍ Students, at our secondary school, are well-prepared for a future ready world as they are nurtured with creative and collaborative skills. Our facilitators are also well-equipped to handle the modern infrastructure and persistently upgrade to the modern-age teaching programmes.