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Highgate International School


Pre Primary Level

Best EYFS Practices

Kindergarten starters when exposed to the perfect blend of the Montessori approach and the new age trends, get a strong start for a bright future. Based on the quintuple elements of literacy, arithmetic, practicality, cultural and sensorial elements of life, this approach brings out the best in every student in the various aspects of life.

In today’s age, preschool children need unconventional and futuristic methodology that integrates knowledge and talents. Highgate International School is the best kindergarten in Dubai, aiming to bring out the artistic and academically strong abilities of young minds with one of most award winning practices of EYFS

School Timings:
Pre-Kg to KG2: 8.00 am to 1.00 pm (Monday to Thursday) & 8.00am to 12.00pm (Fridays)

Age Criteria

To get admission in Pre-KG, the child should be 3 years old by 31st March, KG 1, the child should be 4 years old by 31st March. Likewise, a child of 5 years old is eligible for KG 2 admissions in Dubai and Grade 1, the child should be 6 years old by 31st March. The whole kindergarten experience is put together by professionals to give preschool kids an opportunity to develop their thinking and problem solving skills, engage in creative activities and become responsible towards society, culture and environment. At this age, it becomes easier to grasp new ideas and the ability to learn is at its peak

Creating NextGen Leaders

As early as the age of preschool, children have a natural tendency to learn and grow. From a young age, kindergartners show a spark for business intelligence and the true mindset of an entrepreneur. With the right opportunity a child’s leadership skills outshine. With the scope for numerous activities to sell manure, farm products and lead groups, children grow to find their place in the world.

Going Green

Being not only mindful of curriculum based education, students are inculcated environmentally mindful. Students are meant to work closely with teachers in growing plants, caring for nature and including eco-friendly habits into the daily routine. It is of utmost importance for youth of today to learn to value nature. The Green concept ensures active participation and understanding of Mother Nature’s preservation. It also puts a feeling of social responsibility in the young minds to ensure a better world tomorrow.

Community Partnerships

As young learners, when they are exposed to community goodwill activities, they gain a better understanding of the world in front of us and how it can outgrow to be better and healthier. Highgate International School is the best international preschool in Dubai because it enables the students to not just be academically strong but also know how to be socially aware. When students learn to be a part of fundraiser events and other relevant initiatives, a sense of purpose and effortless need is acquired, shaping their mind for a better tomorrow.

Subjects Offered

With the fast paced growing world, an extensive variety of subjects is the need and is fulfilled well by the wide array of subjects offered by Highgate International School. Education at Highgate kindergarten schools is not restricted to one stream but is expanded into sciences, languages, sports and vocational skills to provide students an opportunity to learn and grow in the field they perform the best.

Free play and structured play
EVA (Environmental Awareness)
Dance and Music

Events and Activities

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