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Highgate International School



Governing Council of Highgate International School provides vital leadership ensuring that school is well-run and sustainable outcomes are delivered. It commits that the vision and mission of the school is attained by aligning the system of high teaching and learning standards. Governing Council’s unwavering support upholds the school’s inclusive approach. Governing council is a critical friend to the school, challenging the status quo and setting expectations. 

We have Pre-set Governing Council meetings calendar in an Academic year to ensure that the school is achieving the set targets of teaching and learning and is delivering its commitment to all stake holders. 

Message From Chairman

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the chairman of Highgate International School. As I assume this role, I am excited to work alongside our talented faculty, staff, and students to continue to build upon our school’s legacy of academic excellence and student success.
I come to Highgate International School with a deep passion for education and a commitment to providing our students with the best possible opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed. I believe that education should be an empowering experience that not only prepares our students for their future careers, but also instills in them a lifelong love of learning and a sense of responsibility to their communities.
As the chairman, I am committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. I look forward to listening to your feedback and ideas, and to working with you to continue to enhance the academic, extracurricular, and social experiences of our students.
At Highgate International School, we are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment where all students can thrive. We believe in fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and understanding, and we will continue to prioritize these values in all that we do.
I am honored to serve as the chairman of Highgate International School, and I am committed to working tirelessly to support our students, faculty, and staff. Thank you for entrusting us with your education, and I look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Highgate International School

Message From CEO

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

As the CEO of our school, I would like to welcome you all to our school’s website. Our school is committed to providing a high-quality education to all of our students, while also fostering a supportive and inclusive community.
We believe that every student has the potential to achieve their dreams, and our dedicated teachers and staff work tirelessly to create a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive. Our curriculum is designed to prepare our students for success in the 21st century, with a focus on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.
We also recognize the importance of extracurricular activities in fostering well-rounded individuals, and offer a wide range of sports, clubs, and other activities to our students. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our students not only for academic success, but also for life beyond the classroom.
At our school, we value open communication and collaboration between students, parents, and staff. We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about our school, including our programs, policies, and upcoming events. We are always here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Thank you for choosing our school, and we look forward to working with you to help your child achieve their full potential.

Chief Executive Officer
Highgate International School

Message From Principal

Dear reader,

It is my pride and privilege to welcome you into the world of Highgate International School!  

We are making a new beginning, it’s a new dawn, rosy with hopes and dreams for high achievement from its own little superstars…and every new day promises to bring better opportunities for fulfilment of their innate gifts and abilities, their inherent aptitude. At Highgate International School, we have set out to be an inclusive, productive learning environment that provides constant challenge together with steady support, to lead to high achievement.

Here expectations will be high, so achievement will be higher!

Our learners will be encouraged and trained to think, reflect, inquire and innovate as they continue their educational journey, in preparation for life.

And walking by their side, every step of the way will be our teachers who understand that every child is unique, imbued with an individuality of head and heart that deserves to be recognized, celebrated and chiselled to be the best possible version of itself. Teachers, who are managers of learning and progress, who know when to lead from the front and when to gently nudge from behind.

At Highgate you will find school programmes marked by vigour and vitality, a warm campus of caring adults – governors, leaders, teachers, nannies and support staff – who find their fulfilment in creating and sustaining a happy school full of happy learners!

And finally, a word for you dear parents – the best partners in learning that we could ask for – talk to us, share your insights and dreams and support us as we set new challenges and raise the bar from time to time so “our” children can climb to the highest heights.

Do come and visit us and commit your child to our care and nurture!

Highgate International School