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Highgate International School


Holistic Education

Holistic Approach

Ours is a dynamic educational framework aimed at fostering all-round development of students through an integrated, holistic approach to learning

At our Highgate we realize that success in the contemporary world relies not just on cognisance, but also on creativity, entrepreneurship and the ability to explore. Which is why our holistic approach is a truly innovative, that uses an age-appropriate and adaptive approach to allow students to evolve as they grow.

A holistic educational program focuses on the overall development of students, taking into account their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. To create a holistic educational program for your school, you could consider incorporating the following elements:

Our Holistic Approach focuses on the following

Academic Excellence

A curriculum that emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning and real-world problem solving.

Highgate ensures excellence in academics by offering a curriculum which integrates best practices in education, delivered by experienced and expert teachers, using the best offline and online resources.

Physical Wellness

Programs for physical fitness and healthy living, such as physical education and wellness classes

School sports are foundational activities for students, which can help build physical strength, mental toughness, character and collaborative nature in students. 

Emotional Wellness

Integral to our provision for all- round student development is a focus on programmes and activities that foster emotional wellness. 

Workshops on and opportunities for training the mind and heart in self-awareness,  emotional regulation, communication and conflict resolution pave the way for high levels of emotional wellbeing and enhanced productivity. 

Arts and Creativity

All growing minds need to explore, recognize and develop their innate talent for creativity and give it suitable expression. 

The large variety of our art facilities and training studios give our students the platform to explore their creative side – to develop existing skills and to explore new ones. 


School programmes and events provide ample opportunity for students to develop skills of entrepreneurship and leadership.  Experts will be invited and boot camps conducted to give our students meaningful exposure and gain a better understanding and experience. Interactive conversations and participation in such activities help students grow in confidence as they learn to lead with passion and finesse. 

Technology integration

In the world of today and tomorrow, technology rules and this generation of “technology natives” must be fully equipped to harness its power and use it judiciously for personal, social and global enrichment. 

21st Century education at Highgate International School will bring to students the best of online learning platforms, educational apps and digital resources to enhance and support their learning experience. At the same time, these future leaders will be trained to be ever mindful of the ethical and wise use of technology for communication and social relationships and causes. 

Social Integration

Community event participation, charity drives, green initiatives and productive, responsive contribution to society will be an integral part of the co-scholastic life at Highgate International School.  Their active participation in such events will sensitize them to the world beyond the self and facilitate the development of their emotional and spiritual well-being.